Vrumble Content Creators How-To

Here we will discuss some tips on how to create good content for Vrumble!

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 4.26.05 AM.png

some best practices when executing your show

  1. It’s best to wear headphones or use a directional or dedicated microphone to mitigate any feedback and to be sure your audience can hear you crystal clear.

  2. Every minute costs 20 candies.  You can get more candies by playing more games, inviting friends to Vrumble, or, purchasing them in the App from tapping the candy button.

  3. If you have any questions about any of this, don’t hesitate to contact us at: support@tesuji.io

Setting up your space to film:

  1. Good lighting.  We cannot stress this enough.  A big window, or, lights on you really help the quality of your show.  Instruct your guests to do the same. An ideal setup is to put your phone directly between yourself and a large window.

  2. Tripod or phone stand.   Not all shows require a tripod, but, if you are talking with other people and want to use your hands to gesture, find a tripod that allows your phone to remain VERTICAL is best.  (need new photo of tripod set up). 
  3. We found that a camera tripod and one of these to work great, but leaning your phone up on something like a book, monitor, or shelf can work just as well!


1)  Start Stream

To begin your stream, tap on the broadcast button at the top of the screen.

2) Basic Streaming Features:

a.  Title - Choose a title that will not only grab people’s attention, but is relevant to your content and the audience you want to watch.

b.  Tags - Increase your discoverability on Vrumble by using searchable and popular Tags


To unlock advanced features, gap the “Unlock streaming options”



3) Advanced Streaming Options:

a. Title

b. Tags

c. Affiliate URL

d. 10 second Intro will automatically be played when your stream begins

e. 10 second Outro will automatically be played when your stream ends.

4) Start Streaming

a. Begin streaming by clicking the orange Start Streaming button!

b. You will see a ‘Starting Stream’ box appear, then a countdown. 

c. And then your iPhone will ask you for screen recording permissions.  This is so that you can stream everything on your screen - including game play and multiparty video chats.



5) There are a few features to point out when you are streaming

  1. Add a prerecorded video (10 sec max) by tapping the blue and white box in the upper right corner.  

  2. Hide commenting/emoji bursts by clicking the eye in the upper right corner

  3. Add friends/guests/contestants by tapping on the four white boxes at the lower right of the screen.  You can add guests before the stream starts or at any point during your stream!

  4. If you would like to blur your camera, just tap your screen/broadcast and select the blur option.